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Photo of the Week - Bus Stop

{The} Native Creative Concierge got a new toy - the Samsung Galaxy S7... so Photo of the Week is back!

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#AbbieSnapsPhotos in NYC!

On Thursday July 16, #AbbieSnapsPhotos around NYC. I'll tweet my location throughout the day using the hashtag #AbbieSnapsPhotos. Find me and get your photo taken! I will be in high-traffic areas of New York City as well as some quieter locales.

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{The} Native Creative Concierge experiences Las Vegas

"You're the only person I know who goes to Vegas with plans to do all this other stuff besides the casinos," said my brother as I rattled on about what I was gonna do once I got to Las Vegas. I explored The Strip, Downtown and Off The Strip. Exploring what else a city has to offer is the same philosophy I bring to NY and my Native Creative Concierge clients. 

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