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Things you want and need to know about your excursion in New York City

What should I wear on my private tour?


Requirement number one: comfortable walking shoes. New York is a walking town. We refer to getting around as "pounding the pavement" for a reason. So protect your pretty pieds and wear comfortable shoes. Even though we're not walking for the entire 4 or 6 hours, you'll be walking for the majority of it (unless you luck out and get a seat on the subway or bus). 


Other than the shoe suggestion, wear whatever you want -- jeans, skirt, shorts, sunscreen, sombrero -- it's up to you!

What should I bring on my New York excursion?


Bottled water is always a good idea. Your cell phone and wallet. A metrocard. If you don't already have a metrocard, I'll walk you through the process of getting one. Some clients carry tissues, hand sanitizer, sunglasses, a small umbrella etc. Anything that you'd need for 4 to 6 hours. But remember to still pack light. Ladies, whatever you usually carry in your handbag. Men, whatever you usually carry in your pockets.

What do we do in bad weather? Will my excursion be cancelled? 


Your tour will go on, rain or shine (unless the rain is due to a hurricane or tornado), so check the forecasts ahead of time. That's part of the charm -- you'll be experiencing New York the way New Yorkers do! I'll plan your tour accordingly and I always have a Plan B. If we happen to be suddenly caught in bad weather or a sudden dip in temperatures you can always pick up a scarf, hat, gloves, jacket from many of the shops or vendors in New York.

rainy day stroll

What if I have to cancel my excursion?


Hey, things happen. If you have to cancel your booked excursion let me know as soon as you can. You will get a 50% refund if your cancellation is made 7 or more days in advance of the scheduled date of your excursion. You will receive a 25% refund for cancellations made at least 3 days before your booked excursions. No refunds for cancellations made 24-hours in advance. 

Where will we meet for my excursion?


I meet most of my clients at the hotel or vacation rental where they're staying while in New York. For an afternoon or evening excursion, if you are already out exploring, I choose a location that is near to the neighborhoods and sites you want to see as a starting point. 

Is there anything not included in my private tour?


Good question. There are a few things that aren't included in the price of your excursion. Transportation on the subway, bus, ferries, trams are not included. You are also responsible for the cost of any snacks or meals you buy and the gratuities for service workers.  


I want to go on an excursion but I can't walk or stand the entire time, plus Grandma is coming with me. Can you drive us around?


If you need a vehicle for the excursion, that can be arranged. There will be an additional cost for the driver (hourly rate), gas/fuel and vehicle rental (if applicable). If we use a vehicle during the excursion, we make stops and explore on foot at any sites and locations you want.

I'm only in New York for 2 days and I want to see all that I can. Can we explore for more than 6 hours?


That's not a problem! Four-hour and 6-hour excursions are the usual tour lengths but they are not the only ones. You can book a NY excursion for 8 hours. When you contact me initially, be sure to let me know how long you want your tour to be so I can customize it for you -- I'll plan accordingly to pack more of what's worth your time in to your New York experience. The same rules apply as far as "what to wear" and "what to bring" with you.

Why do I need photos?


I've been in New York my entire life and it's even hard for me to go a couple of blocks without snapping a photo of something -- there's a lot to absorb in New York. As a professional photographer, I can capture wonderful, editorial, candid photos of you in New York and present  your New York story (including moments you may have forgotten) in photo form. We can also take posed photographs, "iconic" NY shots as well.


Besides when you tell your family and friends back home, "This one guy was walking around wearing a dress made out of plastic bags!" you will have the photographic evidence to back it up. 

Nathan's Famous Hot dogs on Coney Island
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Peacock at the Cathedral

I have an idea of where I want to go but I'd like to do it on my own. Can you help me with that?  


I sure can! Some clients are repeat-visitors to New York and have a pretty decent handle of how to get around NY. Others want to explore but perhaps I'm booked with another clients... I won't leave you hanging! 


I provide custom self-guided itineraries and custom travel planning. I will create an itinerary with several travel options depending on your starting point along with a map highlighting your route, detours and points of interest. The itinerary will include how to get where you want to go along the most scenic route(s). I also make note of what you should look out for along the way, which shop to get that special gift you're looking for, perhaps obscure NY facts, where to find clean restrooms...  Contact me if you're interested in having a personalized itinerary created or need more clarification; I can send you a sample.

I'm traveling with someone who is hearing-impaired. How will they know what you're saying during the tour?


For hearing-impaired and deaf travelers, I can have a certified ASL-interpreter on our excursion to communicate with them. Just let me know beforehand. Not to mention, the interpreter is also friendly and knowledgeable on New York too! Your hearing-impaired travel companion won't miss a thing!

Je ne parle pas anglais. ¿Cómo voy a entender lo que estás diciendo durante mi excursión?


I can arrange for a translator to join us on our excursion for a small additional hourly rate. Spanish, French and Portuguese translators are available to translate for you and also to give their insight on life in New York! You can choose your preference - male or female. If you speak another language not listed, please let me know and we'll get a translator who is proficient, professional and fun!

Are Native Creative Concierge excursions only available in New York?


Although The Native Creative is only in New York, I have set up immersions in Miami, FL and San Francisco. 



If there's anything I haven't answered, feel free to contact me and I'll get back to you as soon as possible. If I've Answered all your questions, Book Your Excursion Today!

This is New York

This is New York