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{The} Native Creative Concierge experiences Las Vegas

"You're the only person I know who goes to Vegas with plans to do all this other stuff besides the casinos," said my brother as I rattled on about what I was gonna do once I got to Las Vegas. I explored The Strip, Downtown and Off The Strip. Exploring what else a city has to offer is the same philosophy I bring to NY and my Native Creative Concierge clients. 

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Throwback Thursday: Brooklyn Street Art

In this installment of Throwback Thursday, I take a look back at the excursion booking I accepted with less than 24-hour notice for an afternoon of street art, local haunts wine.

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Unplug For 10% Off Your New York City Excursion

From sundown on March 6 to sundown on March 7 it is National Day of Unplugging. What would you do with 24 hours of no cell phone, no laptop, no tablet? Another incentive to unplug:  book your excursion  with me for any day in the month of March (blackout dates apply) by sundown on March 6, you will receive 10%. You gotta book before the the sunsets here in New York which is 6 PM EST - because after that, I'll be unplugged!

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My Prince William and Kate Middleton's NYC Itinerary

Prince William and Kate Middleton will visit NY in December. Where should they visit while on their New York whirlwind tour? {The} Native Creative Concierge has some suggestions for the royal couple.

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