Experience NY like a Native!

#AbbieSnapsPhotos in NYC!


One shot deal, one press of the shutter. 


On Thursday July 16, #AbbieSnapsPhotos around NYC. I'll tweet my location throughout the day using the hashtag #AbbieSnapsPhotos. Find me and get your photo taken! I will be in high-traffic areas of New York City as well as some quieter locales.


The catch? We only get one shot. Yes, I'm shooting on my DSLR but I'm treating it like a Polaroid. Film is valuable. Once you strike a pose, that pose is immortalized. Have fun with it!


How long I stay at one location depends on how many people show up or where the wind blows, literally. I'm determined to enjoy the non-humid day we're being promised!


Images will be posted on Instagram the following day using the #AbbieSnapsPhotos and  #AbigailEkuePhotography hashtags.


Follow #AbbieSnapsPhotos to find my current location and to see the portraits. Get ready for your close-up!