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Unplug For 10% Off Your New York City Excursion

From sundown on March 6 to sundown on March 7 it is National Day of Unplugging. We spend so much time tethered to our smartphones and laptops that rates of social awkwardness, cyberbullying, text neck, collisions with other people and cars are on the rise.


What would you do with 24 hours of no cell phone, no laptop, no tablet? I think the concept is much needed. I know there are many people who already take time away from always being connected for sanity's sake. And their decision to turn off their phones or set vacation responders in their emails or god-forbid not respond immediately to a text message is often not met with understanding.

I'm looking forward to a New York City that's unplugged. I've never been one to cocoon myself with headphones I'm looking forward to others joining me. A walk will take on a whole new dynamic for everyone. Not to mention seeing what those emoji actually look like on another human's face will do a lot for creating deeper relationships. 


What will you unplug to do?


Here's another incentive, if you book your excursion  with me for any day in the month of March (blackout dates apply) by sundown on March 6, you will receive 10%. You gotta book before the the sunsets here in New York which is 6 PM EST - because after that, I'll be unplugged!