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Mad Men Restaurant Week

Photo: nycgo.com

Photo: nycgo.com

Ok I'll just come out and say it: I don't watch Mad Men. I got through maybe 10 minutes of the first episode. That was more than enough for me. And forgive me but all I can think of when I see Don Draper is him with Liz Lemon. But I love food. I also love the process of sitting down for a meal - casual, formal - anything in between works for me. I've also become quite the cocktail snob over the years. Call it age, call it just "liking nice things" but the love is real.

So it's exciting that AMC and NYC and Company (the tourism board that recognizes me as a Travel Specialist) are presenting Mad Men Dining Week to commemorate the final season of the show. From March 23 - 29, 34 classic, stalwart New York restaurants, some featured in the Mad Men series, will offer a 2-course lunch for $19.69. Or 2 cocktails for the shameless liquid lunchers. Or both.

For $19.69.

Where? Delmonico's, 21 Club , Barbetta, Le Cirque, the latest incarnation of Tavern on the Green and newer restaurants The Gander and Urbo. Make reservations on nycgo.com. I'll see you in the dining room while I live out my  "Lady who Lunches" fantasy.