Experience NY like a Native!

Give The Gift of New York City with Native Creative Concierge


Over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend here in the US, I found out that Native Creative Concierge was included on the list, 50 Gift Ideas From 50 Black-Owned Businesses compiled by The Root!

I'm very honored and grateful to have my NYC private excursions considered a wonderful gift... To your family, friends or to yourself! I've had clients who are New Yorkers who want to experience a new side of the city through a personally curated excursion, and of course, domestic and international travelers who are craving more than the typical New York sightseeing or the double decker bus tours.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions about booking your excursion or for itinerary planning. I truly enjoy putting together one-of-a-kind experiences for vistiors to NY. My Native Creative Concierge services make a great gift year-round!