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...where and when you desire finding the underbelly, the unique, where the locals hang – that’s when you may leave yourself vulnerable to that feeling of being on the outside looking in. No fun. Native New Yorker - Abigail Ekue - has come up with a resource to help travelers avoid the Big City Travel Blues...

Gandhi, actor, singer/songwriter

As I quote Ice Cube, “Today was a good day” - indeed it was. My Sunday was in the hands of Abigail, photographer, writer and concierge entrepreneur otherwise dubbed the “Native Creative”. We trekked from the East Village to the Lower Eastside then to Washington Heights. Incredible! We stopped and noshed by a wide array of spots - one stop was the new eatery, The Black Ant, where bugs are on the menu (literally)! She indulged my tea addict side with stops at Cha-An, Physical Graffitea & Podunk.

The bonus was a visit to the renowned photographer, Alex Harsley, who has captured everyone including Muhammed Ali. We capped the evening with an impromptu performance hosted by musician Ruben at his monthly art space that welcomes creatives of all types to perform and attendees to grab an instrument to play. I encourage anyone who is visiting NYC and those who live in the city to call on Abigail for her services - you are certainly in for a major treat!
— Chante, New York
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A great inside look at some of New York’s hidden gems with a true local. So neat to hear about the city from the perspective of someone who has lived in so many parts of it. I had such a great time and would highly recommend Abigail to be your NY tour guide! Thanks so much!
— Mackenzie, Seattle
Abigail was AWESOME. So sweet and a true NY native who loves her city. Customized tours are the best because it’s like you made a friend who’s showing you around than a regular tour guide just sprouting off facts about a place. Even at the end, she was down for a glass of wine to just relax and chit chat. At the end of the tour, I loved how she sent me a google map of our walking route + extra spots and restaurants she figured I’d like for the rest of my visit!
— Amy, Washington D.C.
My boyfriend and I wanted some pictures of us in NYC as we used to live there a few years ago. Planning to make a trip to Manhattan we spent a long time searching for a photograph on the internet and because we had very high expectations we made our choice on Native Creative Concierge. Indeed Abigail is very professional friendly invested and with a great artistic sense. We spent the whole afternoon together and we came back with the exceptional and amazing souvenirs we were looking for.

Abigail knows the city perfectly and knows exactly where to bring you depending on the photos you want. The slideshow she made for us is just what we wanted as it is artistic full of emotions and professional. We clearly recommend Abigail’s services as she is a great person and photograph.

Abigail again we would like to thank you for everything and for the great job you have done for us. As promised next time we come to Manhattan we definitely want to see you again ;-)

We wish you all the best ;-)
— Romain, France
This is a must do trip for anyone who wants a real appreciation of NYC and not just tourist highlights. It will feel like a personal tour with terrific photo opportunities from someone who knows and loves the city. Highly recommended!
— Andrew, Melbourne, AU
NYC Extremes is the quintessential walking tour for seldom-seen Manhattan vistas. There is simply no better photo walking tour if you’re looking for compelling views, excellent architecture and fascination factoids from The Native Creative, who is as passionate as she is knowledgeable about her hometown of NYC. You will literally start at the very top of Manhattan and wind your way down to the southernmost neighborhoods, moving from the highest natural point to the deepest subway with photo opportunities sure to be a smash on your instagram. Highly recommended for NYC newbies or those who think they’ve already seen all Manhattan has to offer - guaranteed you will see and learn something new when you embark with The Native Creative on NYC Extremes. She even brings you water! Be sure to wear your most comfortable urban hiking gear and bring a snack or two and have your unlimited metro card ready to roll.
— Morgan, Atlanta
I loved the tour, it was piece of unknown nyc shown to me- hidden lighthouse, strange fountain, cathedral. Abigail is a good photographer and thought me couple of tricks. Loved tour - highly recommend!
— Evgeny, Maine
Abigail knows her way around NYC and we had a great day wondering around finding treasures to photograph. Great day and recommend it if you want to see some of the non touristy areas
— Cornelia, Brisbane, AU
As someone who generally ventures out on her own, country to country, discovering my city through the eyes/medium of another is a novel thought. Abigail blows all conceptions of guided tours and tour guides out the water. This is no point and view (Website hidden by Airbnb) a hiddenin plain sight, urban safari. Abigail takes you on an adventure, dropping nuggets of knowledge along the way. I reccomend this tour for those who want to “know NYC” - those into discovering the true hidden gems and gorgeous nooks and crannies of the city. Strap on those sneakers, grab your camera and prepare to experience a NYC you have to see with Abigail to believe.
— Tiffany, NYC
This is a wonderful tour that sets itself apart from the rest. You can do all sorts of other things like see the Empire State Building or the memorials or churches/parks etc, but this tour is nothing conventional. Do this if you want to have a taste of what NYC really has to offer to the NY natives! Abigail is an interesting individual with many stories to share and was a great NYC guide. I was in NYC to experience something different and this tour provided that and I was told that tours can also be customized if there is something specific you wanted to see. I Love New York! I’ll be back again soon for sure!
— Ee Yang, Singapore
I’ve came to NYC from Europe in the March 2013 for 6 weeks visit. Never been here, and not knowing anything about that city beside shown in Woody Allen’s movies, I’ve started to explore by myself. I am a professional photographer and I wanted to get to know the city the other way that postcards present it. But it’s a huge place, and most of the time I found myself pointlessly moving around, and seeing the same places. I needed a guide.

Abigail showed me the City in it’s whole charm and beauty, and that helped me incredibly to take great photographs. Also, I was interested in the art world and gallery visiting. She took me to the right places at the right time. She is very familiar with the art scene. Also I wanted to see some “hidden” places, with some historical significance, charm and unique architecture. Abbie took me to the breathtaking neighborhoods I will never forget. Also she explains simple and interesting, with nice stories and important facts. Just perfect. There a real feel being a native by walking around the city with her. Actually, I wouldn’t call her a guide, much better: a tour pal. I highly recommend her.
— Marijan, Croatia
Abigail showed me an interesting way to discover NY and Brooklyn. It was like being in the skin of a New Yorker, the way she lived. We were going to places to meet people in an artistic mood and we saw some shows about Burlesque and poetry. It’s the best view to understand how life can be in NY. I felt free and curious about the city and the souls who live here. Connecting with people is the best thing to do when you’re traveling, she did the best job of that.

I always have an artistic and a psychological point of view and it was so perfect to go through the city with Abigail. She is gentile and subtle and she has great taste of music and artistic things, it was just the great melting pot. It was perfect moments with her discovering the city with her knowledge of the city. You will love seeing NY with her, the real NY.
— Tom, Paris, FR