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Private Excursions in New York City curated personally for you and lead by Native NY'er, Abigail Ekue

Personal adventures for a memorable time in NY! Native Creative Concierge™ immerses you into New York culture through private excursions and the New York tourists don't visit!


nyc "Extremes" Photography excursion

$82 per person - 4 hours


We'll visit New York's oldest, deepest, smallest, highest and "only" sites and sights on this photo excursion. Learn a little NY history and quirks while capturing some quintessential New York photos and shots of lesser known New York areas from different vantage points. The urban landscape is also perfect for your editorial portraits, street photography and Instagram-worthy snapshots.

Travel photographers and hobbyists will have ample opportunities to capture scenic NY skylines, classic architecture, street art and nature. Each location was chosen for its picturesque & superlative nature. Day & evening excursions are offered for different views of NYC. Photographers of all levels are welcome on this excursion. 

Sometimes to get "the shot" you have to trek a bit, so be prepared for that. I recommend wearing sneakers (trainers, tennis shoes) and not ballet flats or sandals. We will be in parks, climb stairs & navigate cobblestones and steep hills during the excursion (NYC is quite hilly, believe it or not!).

This excursion takes place in Manhattan and is broken up into neighborhood "chunks". We will start uptown and weave our way across and down the island. We will visit some of New York's trendiest, up-and-coming and under-the-radar neighborhoods. We will walk and take public transportation. 

Although we will have an itinerary, there's no telling what memorable people or happenings we'll stumble upon along the way, so be open to going "off book"!

PLEASE NOTE: Inclement weather MAY require rescheduling.


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Private Walking Excursion

Starting at $265 up to 4 people - 4 hours

starting at $395 up to 4 people - 6 hours


Why spend your time in NYC on a tour bus or with your head buried in a guide book? Explore New York's dynamic neighborhoods with a lifelong New Yorker and NYC Travel Specialist on your Private Excursion! 

{The} Native Creative Concierge will curate and lead your private excursion tailored to fit your interests and wish list throughout Manhattan or the outer boroughs. Discover art, food, sports, fitness, shopping, history, or any of the many subcultures of New York City. Excursions may include special events, exclusive encounters and memorable NY characters we come across along the way. 

Through your private excursion you will gain an insider's perspective on New York City and experience this energetic city as a native. 

need a 2-hour, 3-hour... 8-hour customized excursion? more than 6 people in your group? Contact me for info and pricing!


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On a 4-hour Private Walking Excursion with Photography, explore New York City -- the people, places and food -- while artistic editorial and candid keepsake photos are taken of you on your New York tour by a professional photographer. 


Together we can also recreate iconic New York City images. Think quintessential NY images from middle of Times Square, on a Brooklyn brownstone stoop, under the Brooklyn Bridge, in the alleys of Tribeca or Chinatown, or on the cobblestone streets in SoHo or DUMBO. 


Receive Hi-Res images (B&W and color) to commemorate your New York adventure. Images suitable for prints up to 11 x 17 in.


Perfect to commemorate your trip to New York City! 

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