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Native Creative Concierge is an Official UrbanBuddy Partner


{The} Native Creative Concierge is now an official partner of UrbanBuddy! Yes, I'm excited! Native Creative Concierge can be found on the app and anyone who books a 3 or 6 hour Private Excursion through UrbanBuddy will receive 10% OFF.


I first discovered UrbanBuddy late last year. It looked like a perfect fit for me - an app where NY locals answer questions and provide tips and recommendations to travelers in real time. I got tips to share! And if I don't know firsthand I can find out! I filled out an application to be an UrbanBuddy, with Abigail flair, and waited.


I reached out to UrbanBuddy again this year to follow up on my application, as things sometimes fall by the wayside. I'm still not an UrbanBuddy only because the app is currently available on iPhones only (I'm a Samsung girl). They are working on their Android app.


Taken with my Samsung... :-)

Taken with my Samsung... :-)


One afternoon last month, I met with UrbanBuddy co-Founder, Paul Brogna at Hotel Americano. We got acquainted with one another and discussed what we could do for travelers to make their time here in NY more unique and memorable. He developed UrbanBuddy as a result of his time studying abroad in Barcelona and the help he received from locals while he was there. They made a tremendous difference in the time he spent in Barcelona with their hospitality and local tips. For me, as much as I enjoy planning a trip, I don't want to spend all my time on the trip looking at those plans. So being able to get tips as I go, is a plus.


Despite there not being an Android app yet, I'm an official UrbanBuddy partner. Looking forward to connecting with all the families, couples and solo travelers in search of an UrbanBuddy! Here's a hug!


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