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Hot Time in New York City by the Hour

The summer months are notorious for hot, humid days and summer flings. No judgment. We're human. But in a city like NY where many live with roommates to save on rent, where do you go for a rendezvous where you don't have to scream into a pillow risking asphyxiation?


Day Use Hotels is a website that lists hotels with rooms available for a set number of hours. Not interested in trekking way over to the west end of 14th Street anymore (Liberty Inn, you're still an option but...)? Book a room during midday hours in Long Island City, by the airport (as expected) or right in the heart of Midtown, the Flatiron District or the Lower East Side. Great options for those of us not lucky enough to get our 15 minutes of fame against a window at The Standard or if you're a traveler with a layover who could use a nap, a shower and a toilet.


On Day Use Hotels, the room time slot availabilities are listed. Be sure to check the conditions so you know the taxes and fees that may apply and whether or not the time slots are fixed or not. The upside is many of the hotels are not seedy. And if you are using the room for, you know, your credit card information isn't required. Call it a business meeting (which it actually might be!)


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