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Food Scrap Compost Program at NY Greenmarkets

Photo: Andrew King

Photo: Andrew King

The people of New York City can now bring their food scraps to more local markets for compost than in previous seasons.


GrowNYC and the NYC Department of Sanitation are partnering to collect food scraps at 38 Greenmarkets throughout the 5 boroughs.


This program is open to individuals, not businesses, during designated drop-off hours. Fruits, vegetables, rice, pasta, breads, nut and egg shells, pits, seeds, coffee ground and filters or dried flowers are all acceptable for composting. Do not bring meat, fish, bones, fat, oil, coconuts or greasy food scraps, animal waste, litter or bedding, or biodegradable plastics.


GrowNYC also provides information on how to compost at home -- either in a worm composting bin in your apartment or and outdoor compost for your garden.