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World Cup 2014 in NYC


It begins on Thursday. June 12, 2014.


During last year's FIFA Confederations Cup, I learned of Miss Favela in Williamsburg. This year, Miss Favela made the list of where to watch the World Cup in NY in the NY Times article, "Watching the World's Game, in the World's City" -- I must experience a game there during this tournament. During the same tournament last year, I had lunch and a game in Little Brazil (W 46th Street).


Now for the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™, I know Astoria and Jackson Heights are on my itinerary. I'm seeking the revelry, camaraderie and passion that I experienced during the games at Les Enfants Terribles (now closed). A few blocks north, at The Sixth Ward, I can get comfy over an order of wings and drink. And drink. Bill's Bar and Burger in the Meatpacking District is still a midday standby for me. 


World Cup 2014 games will be broadcast in NY's only public viewing zone on Governors Island thanks to the Spontaneous Interventions.


You'll need the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™ Schedule to know when your team is playing and this interactive map from the NY Times to chose where to watch based on the team you're rooting for. 


Now if for some reason I don't make it out to watch the games, I'll be watching at home, possibly  tweeting. Who's coming with me? Who will I meet along the way?


I'll see you on the pitch. Ole Ola!