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Mister Softee vs. Master Softee - NY Ice Cream Battle

There's only room for Mister Softee in NY ( Source )

There's only room for Mister Softee in NY (Source)

A judge has banned Master Softee trucks from selling soft serve ice cream in New York City.


That doesn't mean you won't see this bootleg version of Mister Softee in your neighborhood this summer.


If you're from New York or have visited during the summer months, that familiar tune reverberating off brick facades that sends children (and some adults) into a frenzy belonged to the one and only Mister Softee franchise. Recently, a former franchisee, Dimitrios Tsirkos, started his own fleet of soft serve ice cream trucks, Master Softee, and sold ice cream in Queens, The Bronx and Manhattan.


They can still be found in Queens, The Bronx and Manhattan because Tsirkos has ignored the judges orders. Judge Laura Taylor Swain's ruling explicitly bars Master Softee from operating within 5 miles of Mister Softee franchise territories until February 2016. Mister Softee, "The Very Best", operates in 18 states. That leaves Master Softee, "The World's Best", with limited options. Perhaps he should only be allowed on Canal Street with the rest of the bootlegs.


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