Experience NY like a Native!

NY Train Project

I spent some time exploring the NY Train Project by Adam Chang. As a lifelong New Yorker, the subway has been a constant presence in my world (even when there's a Service Advisory in effect). I remember graffiti-covered train cars, I miss the Redbirds and still get a thrill if I can ride in the first car of a train and look out the front window. 


Each station has it's own energy and some of the facts that are found on NY Train Project were new to me: 14th Street on the A/C/E is where a signal training school for New York City Transit employees is located. The Not surprising: 34th Penn Station was ranked 5 out of 421 for station traffic with over 27 million riders. And did you know that it's unusual for doors to open on the left in a side platformed station? That's the case on the F/M 14th Street station. That's probably why it usually takes me a while to figure out which direction the train will come from when I'm waiting at this station. Ha! 


Right now, NY Train Project only covers the stations in Manhattan. According to Adam Chang, he has plans to add train stations in The Bronx, Brooklyn and Queens soon (I left out Staten Island because they don't have any subway lines, only the Staten Island Rail). Until then, be sure to check out NY Train Project.