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Abigail arranged an alternative tailor-made tour for us and we met some very interesting people. A good four hours. Many thanks.
— Ian, Edinburgh, UK

Native Creative Concierge put together a 4 hour walking tour of areas of the city that met our areas of interest... performing arts, street art, fashion and shopping! She was able to develop a very interesting and varied combination of sites and the walking and subway riding lost their intimidation factors under her direction. We were able to tour businesses that we probably would have never had knowledge of, much less get to visit. My grandaugher to to try on couture gowns, shop at boutiques unique to NYC and other non-tourist type adventures.

I would recommend working with them for a very interesting time.
— Nancy, Texas, USA

Abigail should be your go to person for your New York walking tour experience.

We were first timers to New York. I have an interest in architecture, history, photography and what it’s like to be a local. It was also my birthday trip so I got to choose what I wanted to do while we were there.
We usually do walking tours of a new city where they are available and I found Abigail (CEO and Owner) of the Native Creative Concierge after Googling for walking tours of NYC. I knew after a couple of emails I had found exactly the person and service I was looking for. Abigail organises bespoke walking tours of New York based on your interests. I gave her a list of my interests and she combined them into two 3 hours walking tours. Not only is she incredible knowledgeable about New Your which is a feat in itself she also does a dry run of what she has proposed to make sure it works. The time we spent with Abigail meant we got to see parts of the city and it’s hidden gems that a visitor would simple not know about. Rather than just ticking off bucket list items we got to experience New York like a local. Abigail is very personable and in the end it was more like walking around town with an old friend than just another walking tour.
— Rolf, Brisbane, AU

This was my 2nd experience with Abigail as my guide. Once again, she did not disappoint!! She personalized our tour to include some of our favorite things - food, art, and wine! We meandered through LES stopping to try miniature cocktail inspired cupcakes and ice cream sandwiches, ducked into an erotic sex shop just for laughs, had a beer in DUMBO, skipped through a new water-based art installation at the river front, caught a peak at an exclusive art exhibit in an abandoned Bowery bank, then finally made our way out to Williamsburg to stop at a wine shop and sip some Italian espresso. We thoroughly enjoyed our tour and have the pictures to prove it :) I’d recommend Abigail to anyone that’s looking for a unique, personalized, NYC tour experience!
— Ashley, NC

Abigail is such an amazing tour guide for New York and also such an awesome, easy going person. I felt totally comfortable with her right away. She’s friendly, knowledgeable, creative and inspiring. I have been to NYC many times before but through her discovered places I never would have known of or thought about visiting.

i told her I wanted to go to some fun, funky places and she totally catered the tour to my liking.

Amazing city views and delicious cocktails on the rooftops at The Press Lounge, Gansevoort Park Hotel, and incredible live music at Apothem, a hidden gem of a bar in Chinatown. I NEVER would have discovered that place hidden away there!

She’s personable, enthusiastic and an all round great friend who made my experience in New York better than i could have expected!
— Bobby, Toronto

As I quote Ice Cube, “Today was a good day” - indeed it was. My Sunday was in the hands of Abigail, photographer, writer and concierge entrepreneur otherwise dubbed the “Native Creative”. We trekked from the East Village to the Lower Eastside then to Washington Heights. Incredible! We stopped and noshed by a wide array of spots - one stop was the new eatery, The Black Ant, where bugs are on the menu (literally)! She indulged my tea addict side with stops at Cha-An, Physical Graffitea & Podunk. The bonus was a visit to the renowned photographer, Alex Harsley, who has captured everyone including Muhammed Ali. We capped the evening with an impromptu performance hosted by musician Ruben at his monthly art space that welcomes creatives of all types to perform and attendees to grab an instrument to play. I encourage anyone who is visiting NYC and those who live in the city to call on Abigail for her services - you are certainly in for a major treat!
— Chante, New York

Abigail was AWESOME. So sweet and a true NY native who loves her city. Customized tours are the best because it’s like you made a friend who’s showing you around than a regular tour guide just sprouting off facts about a place. Even at the end, she was down for a glass of wine to just relax and chit chat. At the end of the tour, I loved how she sent me a google map of our walking route + extra spots and restaurants she figured I’d like for the rest of my visit!
— Amy, Washington D.C.

Hello Abigail, We really had a great time on our tour with you. It was everything we were looking for the musical background of NYC! You were very helpful for the church service on sunday morning and it was a great experience. Then, thanks to you, we enjoyed a nice brunch at the grange bar and eatery. The Charlie jazz festival and the liveshow at Washington Square were awesome. We also enjoyed the parts of East village and Harlem where we walked through and your stories about the buildings and the arts. And for the big final, the jam session was really amazing! We did not know what to expect first, but then it was more than we could have imagined. So thank you for those life experiences, your kindness and your tips, especially about cupcakes !
— Elodie, France

Abigail worked hard to assist us in making a reservation for the fourth of July. Being from overseas it was just so helpful having her local knowledge.
— Darryl, Australia

I spent almost a week in NYC last summer 2013 and although my schedule didn’t afford me the opportunity to utilize NCC’s services, I was given very useful information before and during my time there. I was able to “seek” out recommendations that I would not have been aware of without advice. I love visiting the city, whether it be for business or pleasure. There is just so much to see and do and lots of hidden gems. Native Creative is a great source for all things NYC!!!
— Jim, California

Abigail’s tour provided a unique experience that most tourists miss out on. She was very knowledgeable, personable, and extremely accommodating. The tour was customized to our liking (i.e. some food, some art facts, some history, etc.). She met us where we were staying and took us through several hidden nooks of Manhattan. We walked through Chelsea, past the Flat Iron, into the Meatpacking District, a stroll along High Park, meandering through the Village, swinging through SOHO, and finally finishing in NOHO. Within each neighborhood, Abigail pointed out fun historical facts and photo opportunities. We stopped at a few unique food spots where we had an opportunity to truly savor our experience. Overall, we were happily blown away by the tour and extremely pleased. After the tour, Abigail sent us an email with local recommendations (i.e. restaurants, where to get drinks, neat spots nearby places we’d be seeing later on our trip) which was a nice extra touch! Included in the email was a map of everything we saw (very memorable!). We highly recommend Native Creative Concierge! Thanks again Abigail!
— Ashley, Charlotte, NC

Abigail was a great guide, finding places I loved but would never have found on my own, I loved my tour.
— Joanna, Poland

We really enjoy the walking tour, and we were able to stop when we wanted. We were able to visit the places we wanted to see and a few surprises along the way.
— Vickie, New Mexico

I just wanted to thank you again for the great tour in NY. It really made my stay unique and I have the feeling I experienced NYC in way that I could have never imagined.

All the best and I hope to get the chance to see you again once I’ll pay NY another visit.
— Liza, Germany

Abigail is such a great tour guide! She showed us every interesting thing in New York, me and my husband are very satisfy and will recommend Abigail’s tour to everyone.
— Xisha, San Francisco

My boyfriend and I wanted some pictures of us in NYC as we used to live there a few years ago. Planning to make a trip to Manhattan we spent a long time searching for a photograph on the internet and because we had very high expectations we made our choice on Native Creative Concierge. Indeed Abigail is very professional friendly invested and with a great artistic sense. We spent the whole afternoon together and we came back with the exceptional and amazing souvenirs we were looking for.

Abigail knows the city perfectly and knows exactly where to bring you depending on the photos you want. The slideshow she made for us is just what we wanted as it is artistic full of emotions and professional. We clearly recommend Abigail’s services as she is a great person and photograph.

Abigail again we would like to thank you for everything and for the great job you have done for us. As promised next time we come to Manhattan we definitely want to see you again ;-)

We wish you all the best ;-)
— Romain, France

This is a wonderful tour that sets itself apart from the rest. You can do all sorts of other things like see the Empire State Building or the memorials or churches/parks etc, but this tour is nothing conventional. Do this if you want to have a taste of what NYC really has to offer to the NY natives! Abigail is an interesting individual with many stories to share and was a great NYC guide. I was in NYC to experience something different and this tour provided that and I was told that tours can also be customized if there is something specific you wanted to see. I Love New York! I’ll be back again soon for sure!
— Ee Yang, Singapore

Abigail the Concierge knows NYC like no one else I’ve ever met. Somehow she is able to find all these great restaurants and bars prior to them actually becoming “cool, hip” spots. I lived on the UES for 10 years and never experienced the type of nights out that she provided. Going on one of her tours you will NOT be disappointed, not only will you get a great meal, but the whole night will be filled with fun and exciting things to experience. Whether you are a NY’er or here on vacation, attending one of these events is well worth the time and money and should not missed!
I wish I could hang out with the Native Creative Concierge every time I come to the city.
— Meg, Chicago, IL

I’ve came to NYC from Europe in the March 2013 for 6 weeks visit. Never been here, and not knowing anything about that city beside shown in Woody Allen’s movies, I’ve started to explore by myself. I am a professional photographer and I wanted to get to know the city the other way that postcards present it. But it’s a huge place, and most of the time I found myself pointlessly moving around, and seeing the same places. I needed a guide.

Abigail showed me the City in it’s whole charm and beauty, and that helped me incredibly to take great photographs. Also, I was interested in the art world and gallery visiting. She took me to the right places at the right time. She is very familiar with the art scene. Also I wanted to see some “hidden” places, with some historical significance, charm and unique architecture. Abbie took me to the breathtaking neighborhoods I will never forget. Also she explains simple and interesting, with nice stories and important facts. Just perfect. There a real feel being a native by walking around the city with her. Actually, I wouldn’t call her a guide, much better: a tour pal. I highly recommend her.
— Marijan, Croatia

Abby invited me to a wonderful little eatery in a part of Chinatown I didn’t even know existed. She knows the city well and was able to give me good directions. We had a great time eating and laughing with another one of her cool friends that she invited. I was most impressed with the amazing photos she captured of our day. They told a complete story from beginning to end. I haven’t been to NYC in 2 years now but I’m definitely giving her a call when I make my way back.
— Kanika, Alabama

When I first moved to NYC from Florida, I was a little overwhelmed to say the least. I had a bit of “culture shock” and found myself bored and self-contained in what is arguably one of the most exciting cities in the world. After all, New York is the city that never sleeps! Ironically, I found myself sleeping more than I did back home in Florida.

Upon meeting Abigail, all of that changed. She was very friendly and welcoming; not something I expected from a native New Yorker. She was warm and very fun to hang out with. She showed me around Manhattan, and gave me important tips on being a New Yorker in the process. Her conversation was not dull in the slightest, and she helped give me the cultural spark I needed to get out and see more of the city. I completely endorse Abigail, as she is a New Yorker who knows the city and knows how to make “newbies” feel at home!!
— Nate, FL

On my first trip ever to NYC, a few hours with Abigail had me completely feeling like a native! We laughed as we ate, talked while we walked, met new and familiar people and delved into genuine new experiences. I loved how nothing was scripted - she took my interests into consideration and allowed her knowledge of the city and own wide ranging flare of culture direct us into one of the more memorable experiences of my travels to any city. Thank you Abigail!
— Maurice, ATL

Abigail showed me an interesting way to discover NY and Brooklyn. It was like being in the skin of a New Yorker, the way she lived. We were going to places to meet people in an artistic mood and we saw some shows about Burlesque and poetry. It’s the best view to understand how life can be in NY. I felt free and curious about the city and the souls who live here. Connecting with people is the best thing to do when you’re traveling, she did the best job of that.

I always have an artistic and a psychological point of view and it was so perfect to go through the city with Abigail. She is gentile and subtle and she has great taste of music and artistic things, it was just the great melting pot. It was perfect moments with her discovering the city with her knowledge of the city. You will love seeing NY with her, the real NY.
— Tom, Paris, FR

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