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The NYC Food Bucket List (or Foods New Yorkers Eat Because We Have To or Because We Love To)

This is in response to an article I read recently listing 11 foods that should be on a New Yorker's food bucket list. Dollar pizza, dirty chicken and bodega sandwiches were not included on that list, but they are on mine.  

These are foods many New Yorkers eat because it's 3 AM and/or we've been drinking, because it's what we can afford or because they're simply delicious.

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Root and Bone, Part Dinner

The opportunity arose to have dinner at Root and Bone. Of the things I had my eye on, I was only able to cross the Bucket of Bird and Macaroni and Cheese off the list. But don't go feeling sorry for me. I still left Root and Bone that evening satisfied with a doggie bag to boot. 


We arrived a little before 6:30 on a Friday. Again, it really is like having a meal in someone's kitchen. The hostess greeted us warmly and seated us. Where do we start? Do we order a starter? Our drinks? Put our whole order in at once? Decisions!

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