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Public Drinking in New York City Given the Go-Ahead (Kinda)

In New York City (Manhattan) low-level offenses such as public consumption of alcohol (boozing it in the streets), public urination, and littering would no longer be punished by arrest. No this doesn't mean Times Square will become even more like The Strip because summons can be issued and arrests will still be made at NYPD discretion.

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Root and Bone Alphabet City

My proclivity for chicken and waffles has been well documented. It even resulted in my being quoted on Eater NY. So when I received emails announcing the opening of Root and Bone in the East Village I planned a visit.

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4th Annual Mac Off Presented By The Claque

On Sunday, November 17, the claque presented its 4th annual Mac Off, a macaroni and cheese competition. Chefs (amateur, professional and passionate) presented their macaroni and cheese creations at Littlefield in Gowanus, Brooklyn. 

Attendees at The Mac Off tasted each entry (some more than once) and cast their ballots for the best mac-n-cheese dish. No cheese was off limits. And as it turned out, many of the add-ins that were once groundbreaking (bacon) were the more "usual" variations. The mac-n-cheese evolution is upon us.

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