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Mary Lee - A Great White Shark in New York



Have you heard the one about the shark in NY? Sounds like the beginning of a tall tale or urban legend about a shark in the Hudson River or the sewer or the shark that "flew" here by way of tornado. But I'm talking about Mary Lee the Shark. She was tagged a few years ago off Cape Cod and recently has been tracked off the Jersey Shore. Could it be the warmer temperatures that brought her back? Is the food source in New York waters extraordinary like the food in NYC restaurants? Believe me, I get it, I will, and have, traveled for food.


She's traveled 75 miles in one day and if she continues on her projected course, she'll end up in New York! I'd love to see her (or at least see her tracker ping off the coast of New York. I have a thing for Great White Sharks. I think they are my spirit animal - always on the move, feared and respected, physically powerful, possess recuperative powers and misunderstood. I'm a lot like Tina Belcher that way...



It's not unusual for sharks to be in the coastal waters of New York, Long Island and New Jersey. Jaws took place on Long Island and fishermen in Jersey City and Coney Island have caught smaller species. Mary Lee, make a splash in New York -- perhaps a drone will be flying overhead at the precise moment you decide to breach. If you can make it New York waters you can make it anywhere - you're a Great White Shark, baby!


Mary Lee's page on OCEARCH.org  http://www.ocearch.org/profile/mary_lee/