Experience NY like a Native!

Make Music New York On The Longest Day


New York can be loud to some people. But is it musical?


On Saturday, June 21, Make Music New York will host the 8th Annual event, presenting over 1300 live music events across New York City! In the streets, in the parks, on the sidewalks in all five boroughs.


Let me give Staten Island some love. During Make Music New York, they will host Punk Island -- over 90 bands will rock Staten lsland from 11 AM to 9 PM on seven stages. One of the sponsors is ABC No Rio, the home to punks in NYC. That my friends, is going to be quite an event. 


Inmates on Rikers Island will get their chance to shine. Not having the opportunity to experience live music on a day-to-day basis, inmates have received 10 weeks of drumming lessons and music theory and will perform for the larger inmate population during Rhythm on Rikers during Make Music New York. 


Want to get in on the music but don't know how to play an instrument. There will be free guitar lessons held at branches of the New York Public Library on June 21. 


On the longest day of the year, Make Music New York will continue on into the night through a series of events, After Dark. Live music and dancing after dark in NYC -- experience it if you can.


On any given day, New Yorkers can walk down the street or descend into the subways and be treated to live music -- middle aged doo wop groups, acoustic guitarists, opera singers and the ever present pan flute bands. But on June 21 during Make Music New York music will be everywhere, for everyone, and that is music to my ears. 


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