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Sir Kensington's Presents Fries of New York

Fries of New York: An Uncommon Exhibit, New York, NY, November 7-8

This past weekend, the Fries of New York exhibit was held in New York City presented by Sir Kensington's, purveyors of quality condiments. French fries from restaurants throughout NYC were displayed for all to see. No touching and no eating.


Steak Fry from The East Pole, NY

The beloved french fry, in all its forms, was praised at the event. Many who attended when I was there ooh'd and aah'd when they saw their favorites displayed (some wearing how many they've eaten with pride, others with embarrassment). At the Fries of New York exhibit we also learned about the different cuts of fries, the kinds of root vegetables used to make them and the history of the fry and it's most common condiment - ketchup.


Spiral stack from Twist and Smash'd, Astoria, NY

Waffle fry from Quality Meats

The french fry's origins....

Scott Norton, of Sir Kensington's, gives a lesson in the french fry


If you missed the exhibit, I don't know when you'll be able to catch it in-person again. I spoke briefly with Scott Norton, of Sir Kensington's and curator of the Fries of New York exhibit. There are no other exhibits planned -- in NY or other cities at the current time or exhibits of other foods that are known compliments to Sir Kensington's condiments.


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