Experience NY like a Native!



Private excursions in New York City fully customized to meet your interests. Experience NY like a Native!


There's so much more to NY than Times Square!

Experience New York City with a lifelong resident! Whether you're simply visiting New York or relocating long term, Native Creative Concierge™, immerses you into NY culture through private excursions and the New York tourists don't visit with a focus on personal adventures sure to make your time in NY memorable! 

Private Excursions are designed to fit your needs and interests. That means you're in charge. Though a lot of planning and energy goes into your booking, excursions are flexible and easy-going. Unlike point-and-see tours, Native Creative Concierge™ excursions are very interactive. 

Through relaxed and friendly excursions we'll visit under-the-radar" attractions, find the best comfort food and desserts, navigate the mazes of both Chinatowns, Greenwich Village, the heart of Brooklyn or the Bronx, feed our creative spirits and meet new friends in the restaurant/nightlife, entertainment/theater, arts, health/fitness and wellness sectors and many of the subcultures of New York City. 

Experience NY like a Native!

From the time you contact me about your tour until your return home, I will answer any questions you might have. We'll go back and forth so that I can find out a bit about you and hone in what you want to experience in New York. No request is too unusual. 

There is so much to do and see in New York so you might need extra help planning your trip. We will go over your must-see list and I'll give you an honest, New York opinion on what to keep on that list and help you organize them efficiently. Based on your interests and tastes, you will receive additional sights, dining, entertainment, shopping options and also suggestions on what days and times are best to visit certain areas that you may not have considered.  


Contact me to set up your private excursion or to have your NY itinerary mapped out. Commemorate your trip with professional photos too.


Services provided by Native Creative Concierge™ include:

  • Personalized excursions with or without photography (Day or Night)
  • Custom itinerary and travel planning
  • Food, film and art special events
  • Social networking with personal and professional contacts
  • Restaurant and cocktail bar reservations
  • ESL and conversational English practice


NYC & Company Official Travel Specialist

NYC & Company Official Travel Specialist

Experience NY with Native Creative Concierge™!

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*LGBTQ friendly*

*Corporate clients and business travelers welcome*

*ASL interpreting services for the deaf and hearing-impaired*

*Spanish, French and Portuguese interpreter services available*

*Solo traveler and student rates available*

*Transportation provided for travelers with special needs*


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